Archive of past years Trans Danube Swim

Trans Danube Swim


Stopped traffic on Danube during the whole event

More lifeboats for your safety

More professional divers - rescuers

In case of emergency professional firefighters intervene

In case of a serious problem an ambulance and paramedics are available

Experienced BUBO team has been creating this event for 10 years already

Many years behind us without a single serious problem and thousands of enthusiastic swimmers

Despite all our efforts and security measures, each participant must be aware that he/she participates in the event at their own risk.

Trans Danube Swim


  1. Enjoy the experience of swimming across Danube. It's not a race.
  2. Enter the water safely. Please do not push anyone, respect other swimmers.
  3. While swimming, stay in a group of several swimmers. If necessary, it is always good to have a partner by your side.
  4. The first 50 meters swim at a 15-20% angle upstream. Then swim to the opposite side and drift along it to the point of exit.
  5. While swimming, watch your surroundings and swimmers in it.
  6. Do not drink the water from Danube
  7. When swimming, keep your body temperature constant by physical activity so that you do not get cramped.
  8. If you need to call for help, wave both hands above the surface. Please do not make this move to greet or encourage fellow swimmers. It unnecessarily confuses rescuers.
  9. When climbing the pontoon, swim from the longer side and try to get out of the water as quickly as possible. The team will help you. Do not try to get on the pontoon from the front, you could be swept away by the current under the pontoon.
  10. When getting out of the water, leave the pontoon as soon as possible and make room for other swimmers.

The adventurous crossing of Danube takes an average of 15 - 20 minutes.

Enjoy the experience!

Trans Danube Swim

Principles of safety from entry to the exit

On the first Sunday in September, the temperature of the Danube is the highest. The weather in Bratislava is usually very pleasant, an ideal time to experience a great adventure and catch an unforgettable experience together. However, in order for everything to go as it should, we rely not only on a team of experienced rescuers, but also on your common sense. Many swimmers swim repeatedly and can advise newcomers.

After handing over the personal items which will be taken to the other side, and after a short safety briefing, we will open the gate and descend slowly towards the Danube. The stairs leading to the water are specially prepared for the event. We don't jump into the water, but we go together. We are waiting for instructions from headquarters that traffic on the Danube is really stopped so that we can be safe the whole time.

Trans Danube Swim

Tips from experienced swimmers for beginners:

  1. Bring a floatie - an excellent tool that provides safety when swimming in open waters. In case of emergency, a small colored inflatable floatie will also help the rescue team to spot your easier in the water.
  2. Thin neoprene - whether you go into the water only in a swimsuit or neoprene, it's up to you. However, the colder water of the Danube can surprise you. Thin neoprene is made for swimming in open waters. It has a very smooth surface, so it does not affect you in any way. In colder weather, we recommend it to all swimmers.
  3. Water shoes - after handing over your regular shoes, you will remain barefoot, which may not be ideal due to the slippery surface. Shoes make it easier to enter and exit the water.
  4. Goggles - water or small impurities in it can complicate swimming. You may want to consider using them as a prevention.
  5. Stretching - Before entering the water, make sure you warm up. Stretch all your muscles properly.
  6. Magnesium - one hour before entering the water, we recommend taking magnesium, thanks to which you can prevent muscle cramps.
Trans Danube Swim

Are you afraid? Do you have doubts?

It's normal. Adrenalin rushes into your blood. Today you are going to hunt experiences. Matúš Vallo, the mayor of Bratislava is one of the people who have already crossed the Danube with us. The mayor is an experienced swimmer and in 2023 he will swim with us for the fifth time.

Dear ladies, gentlemen and experience hunters. These were the pre-crossing instructions. We're sure you already have some adrenaline in your blood. It will be beautiful. The goal is to experience something special, capture a unique moment and at the same time to get out of the water safely. There is a lot of work behind the organization and we are all looking forward to see you. Let's go!

We believe that after this experience you will be proud of yourself


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